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Meet the MJB. Graham Team

Michael Graham | Senior Partner

Email: michael.graham@mjbgraham.uk

What where you doing before setting up?

Before setting up MJB I ran an international sales agency, which I started aged 17. It was in this environment where I learned and developed the unique ability not just to sell but to train and coach other people to become phenomenal sales results.

I ran that for roughly a decade before deciding to have a change in my career. After going back to Brazil (where I’m originally from) to spend time with family I ended up getting involved in the family business and developing my skills in a B2B environment.

It was once I returned from Brazil and started networking with UK bases businesses where I realised that we could help hundreds and thousands of businesses to take their results to the next level!

Why did you decide to start MJB?

I am driven by an intense desire to develop and improve people. I found it amazing at the start of our journey that so many companies struggle with something so vital as being able to generate more clients.

I found that there is a massive kick in helping someone to become confident not just with their ability to grow their sales but also their ability to run a successful business.

For us at MJB it isn’t just about building our business, its about helping our clients to build theirs and also to grow a community of small and medium sized businesses.

What do you enjoy the most about you role?

My favourite thing about what we do is when you see the development that a company can make over a very short period of time by implementing our systems.

Its an incredible feeling of accomplishment when a client’s calls you to tell you that because they have more clients they can now grow their business more effectively.

I think the sense of community we have at MJB with our clients makes the whole experience very unique. Because everyone is here for the long run and a long success story- and I feel privileged to be part of it.

One Golden Sales Nugget (sales tip)

My number one tip for anyone in sales or who runs a business is this: learn to master you attitude so that you can control your results.

Helena Kay | Head of Operations And Administration

Email: helena@mjbgraham.uk

What were you doing before joining MJB Graham?

Before joining MJB I was running my own start up business as a Confidence Coach and mentor specialising in Personal Performance Coaching. From coaching, mentoring and public speaking, I have worked with individuals and groups regarding goal setting, mindset, health & wellbeing and spiritual development.

Prior to starting my own coaching business I have worked as Team Leader for RBS Business Banking, I've successfully managed 2 family owned businesses, owned my own Body Shop franchise and managed a chain of 10 arcade gambling establishments.

Why did you decide to join MJB?

The reason I joined MJB is for the opportunity to utilise my skills further and to be part of London's leading sales consultancy company that are serving so many businesses and creating a community of small and medium sized businesses.

The company is so dynamic and the service that MJB provides to businesses is really what made me want to be a part of the company as I thrive when serving others so it was the perfect partnership to merge what I am doing with my role in MJB.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

What I love most about working for MJB is learning about the dynamic nature of business and helping so many people achieve outstanding results in their businesses.

I love the variety of people and businesses we work with and being someone who loves to serve others, MJB has serves it's clients and professional community so well that I am very proud and happy to be part of this company.

One Golden Sales Nugget (sales tip)

This is very often over looked because running a business and the mechanics of it takes all of our attention but one thing I have observed from studying ultra successful people is this:

Invest the same amount of time into building your mind set, as you do running the mechanics of your business!

The right mind set will create an increase in your results– Taking action is a must, but taking action with the correct mind set is what establishes industry leaders from everyone else.

Chris Rainger | Senior Sales Consultant

Email: chris@mjbgraham.uk

What were you doing before joining MJB Graham?

Before joining MJB Graham I was responsible for selling the Private Boxes at Wembley National Stadium. I wrote £1.7m of contracted business in 18 months.

Why did you decide to join MJB Graham?

There were two reason: firstly, Michael’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious and I wanted to learn from that as much as I could. Secondly, it’s great to be able to teach others what I know and see their business grow!

What do you enjoy most in your role?

I love pushing people out of their comfort zone. I get huge satisfaction out of seeing clients flourish independently, our clients surprise themselves with their own capabilities and really grow in confidence as well as turnover in their business.

One Golden Sales Nugget? (sales tip)

Always have a plan - this can be so vital for business owners of all sizes. Being unprepared can mean people work really hard in the wrong areas or they don’t know where to start and end up standing still. Make sure you plan how to find and win new business and get going!

Adrien Fabre | Consultant

Email: adrien@mjbgraham.uk

What is your Job at MJB Graham?

I have a technical background and have followed a diverse path in sales, business development, marketing and purchase in startups and in corporate, my job and my will is to empower SMEs to move forwards.

Why did you decide to join MJB Graham?

I decided to join MJB Graham for the relevance of the services provided and the people’s mind-set.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Here I enjoy developing sustained business in a challenging, constructive and fast paced workplace.

One Golden Sales Nugget (sales tip)

My tip would be to make sure that you enable people to relate to your products or services, and so to enable them to talk about it.

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